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Relocating in Tennessee

I’m Relocating And Need To Sell My House In Tennessee

We Buy Houses As Is for Cash

There’s no decision quite like relocating to a different home, whether you’re staying in the Nashville area or moving across the country.

Every week we get people contacting us saying, “I’m relocating and need to sell my house in Tennessee”…asking if we can we help. Yes, Entrust Homebuyers is able to help homeowners relocating in Nashville, Tennessee and nearby areas to sell your house fast before you relocate.

Top 3 Reasons to Sell Your House As-Is

If you are relocating in Tennessee, here are three reasons to sell your house as-is to a top professional home buyer.

1. Save Time

Saving time is the #1 reason to sell your house as-is. Relocating can create very short timelines for you to sell and move. Sometimes you may not have enough time to sell your house before you move, leaving you to deal with a house you no longer live in, or possibly getting stuck paying two mortgages.

We can help you make a smooth transition to your new opportunity, often putting cash in your hands in a little as 7 days!

2. Save on Commissions

If you are relocating, saving the commission that real estate agent is another great reason to sell your home as-is to a professional home buyer like Entrust Homebuyers.

Since we buy houses using our own finances there are no agent commissions, no hidden fees or expensive surprises for you at closing. The amount we offer you in cash is exactly what you will receive in cash through a direct sale to us.

As an added bonus… directly selling your house as-is to Entrust Homebuyers means no showings, no annoying agent appointments, and no frustrating negotiations!!

3. Save on Repairs

If you are relocating in Tennessee, fixing up your home to sell is costly, time-consuming and a huge hassle.

For homes that need updates, remodeling, or total rehabbing, selling your home as-is may be the best option. Right now the Nashville housing market is highly competitive, requiring painting, modernizing appliances or even redesigning the interior to secure a market price. Most homeowners are just not financially or physically able to pull it off!

Save yourself the money and hassle of preparing to sell your home.  Entrust Homebuyers will buy your home as-is, in its exact condition, in any price range for cash! You won’t have to make ANY repairs or remodeling first. We will give you a no-obligation cash offer, so you know your exact sales price upfront. And, You choose the closing date and when to move out. Take the stuff you want, leave the rest and move on. We handle it all.

Are you ready to move forward? Call us today at 1-615-338-5578.


Can I avoid steep realtor fees if I sell my house to Entrust Homebuyers?

Yes. When you sell your home to us, there will be no steep fees or closing costs.

Is there any obligation if I ask for an assessment?

No, our policy is give our clients a FREE fair cahs offer with no obligations at all.

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