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Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have questions about why sell your home through a Professional Home Buyer instead of listing your home with a real estate agent. So here’s a quick collection of questions people frequently ask our team at Entrust Homebuyers… along with our answers.

If you still have a question, don’t hesitate to Contact Us or give us a call at 615-338-5578, and we’ll be happy to answer it for you.

Will you be listing my house on the MLS or actually buying it?

We are professional home buyers, not licensed agents, so we don’t list houses. Our team has decades of experience in real estate transactions and we buy houses for cash in Nashville and Middle Tennessee that meet our purchasing criteria. From there we may repair the house and resell it to another homeowner, or keep it as a rental property.

Do you pay fair prices for properties?

Many of the houses we purchase are below market value or in distress. We do this so we can rent or resell it at a reasonable profit. Homeowners receive a fair no-hassle offer. No commitment. No obligation. Take it or leave it. We pay for all of the required repairs, renovations, closing costs.

In our experience, many of the home sellers we serve aren’t necessarily expecting a large windfall on their property. Rather, they tend to appreciate all the benefits of working with Professional Home Buyer like the Entrust Homebuyers instead of listing with a real estate agent.

We offer cash. We close very quickly (no waiting for financing). And, our team handles all the hassle and expenses to fix up the property. If that’s what you’re looking for and you see the value in getting your house sold fast in Tennessee for cash…Fill out the form HERE and we will get right back to you. What do you have to lose?

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Learn more about Why Sell with Us here.

How do you determine the price to offer on my house?

Great question. We’re an open book. Our process is very straightforward. We look at the location of the property, its current condition, what repairs are needed and values of comparable houses sold in the area recently. We take all that information into consideration to offer a fair win-win price that works for you and works for us too.

Are there any fees or commissions to work with you?

This is what makes the Entrust Homebuyers experience stand out from the traditional method of selling your house: There are NO fees and NO commissions when you sell your house to us. We’ll make you a Fair Cash Offer, and if it’s a fit then and you accept, we’ll buy your house for CASH. No hassles. We take on the risks and only make money after we pay for repairs on the house (if any) and sell or rent it for a profit. Once we buy the house from you, you’re free from the responsibility and burden of the property and payments with cash in your hand.

How are you different from a real estate agent?

Real estate agents list properties and pay to market them in the hopes of securing a buyer. An agent shows the property to prospects (if there are any) and then takes a percentage of the sale price once the deal closes. Oftentimes, an agent’s commission is 3-6% of the sale price of your house, so for a $100,000 house, you’ll pay between $3,000 – $6,000 in commissions to an agent.

Agents provide a great service for homeowners who can wait weeks or months to sell and who don’t mind giving up some of that sale price to pay the agent commissions. But that’s where we’re different: We’re not agents, we’re professional home buyers. Our company actually buys your house directly from you, and we pay with all cash. Because we have the financing already available, we can make a decision to buy your house within 24 hours, and oftentimes close the deal in under 7 days. We make our profit by taking the risk to buy the house with our own cash, repair the house, and then market it ourselves to find a buyer or rentor.

Is there any obligation once I submit my info?

No. There is absolutely zero obligation for you to accept our offer. Once you tell us a bit about your property HERE, our team will research to see if your property matches our buying criteria. If so, we’ll send you written Cash Offer then schedule a quick appointment to come see the house and answer all your questions. From there, it’s 100% your decision whether or not you’d like to sell your house to us. We never pressure any homeowner, ever. You decide what’s right for you.

And, even if you are not interested in selling right how, we can help show you the value of your property in today’s real estate market. That way you’ll know the Cash Value of your home and property to make an informed decision when the timing is right for you.

Can you help if I am facing foreclosure?

Yes, Entrust Homebuyers can help you avoid foreclosure or even stop the foreclosure sale on your Tennessee home. As trusted property professionals in Middle Tennessee, we understand the Tennessee real estate legal process and help people in situations just like yours every year. We specialize in serving homeowners just like you save thousands in foreclosure costs, back taxes or penalties.

Regardless of your situation, there is no reason to be overwhelmed. Our team has helped many Nashville families save their properties from auction…some even sell their property to us FOR A PROFIT. You could even receive CASH on the day of your choice, at ZERO costs and without ANY repairs.

Please contact us before it is too late. All consultations are free, so call us today at 615-751-5998, or email Evan directly at: evanlgreathouse@gmail.com.

If you have any questions about working with ENTRUST HOMEBUYERS, call Ben DuBose directly at 615-338-5578.

If you have a property and want to sell for cash, we can buy your house in ANY condition, regardless of what you OWE or even if you’re in FORECLOSURE.

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